Remote working during the Coronavirus

With the official UK Government advice being that we should all now work from home unless your job necessitates you going into your workplace, it has left many considering if their workplace technology even makes it possible to work from home. Many workplace systems have not been configured for remote working, and until now consisted […]

Meeting Room Solutions From Microsoft

Many of us older parents, will have for some time been dazzled by the interactive whiteboards on which teachers conduct much of our children’s learning. Long gone are the dusty chalkboards, blotchy whiteboards and acetate sheet overhead projectors, all replaced by slick interactive systems. In conference rooms and meeting rooms a display revolution has too […]

Time is running out for Windows 7

With Windows 10 now firmly established as the current operating system within most UK organisations, it might be a surprise to some to learn that there remains a good many companies still running Windows 7 on some older PCs within their organisations. This is often because traditionally, many organisations chose to skip versions, replacing the […]

Handling Unsafe Links Within Microsoft Office 365

Users of Microsoft Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal benefit from the screening of attachments and links contained in the messages received in Outlook, and this is in addition to the spam and malware filtering provided for all Outlook.com users. For Office 365 Enterprise customers, this can be handled by ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) […]

Think before you click

In 2019, email remains a real vulnerability within IT systems, and with criminals using ever more sophisticated approaches, more than ever it’s worth highlighting that a cautious approach to its use is the best defence. Hackers often gain entry to IT systems, as a result of the actions of a user on the network. Typically, […]

Introducing Virtual Private Networks

VPN is the acronym for “Virtual Private Network,” the name used to describe a private digital network, within a public computer network, typically the Internet. The purpose of a Business VPN is primarily to gain secure access to your work computer systems while you are away from the office. It enables users to securely send […]

Smart Home Software Frameworks

The tech giants of the day have always worked hard to ensure their proprietary technology rises to dominance in whatever format battle is currently taking place. As with the VHS/Betamax wars of the 1980’s, and the high definition disc format wars of the late 2000’s, the current technology superpowers of Apple, Google and Amazon are […]