Meeting Room Solutions From Microsoft

Many of us older parents, will have for some time been dazzled by the interactive whiteboards on which teachers conduct much of our children’s learning. Long gone are the dusty chalkboards, blotchy whiteboards and acetate sheet overhead projectors, all replaced by slick interactive systems.

In conference rooms and meeting rooms a display revolution has too been taking place for some time, and Microsoft’s latest contribution to this change is in the form of the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S. The marketing slogan for this product is “Teamwork without boundaries” as the product has a very high resolution large touch screen display to allow for presentation to teams or on which teams can collaborate, and is a i5 quad-core Windows 10 device.

The Surface Hub has a 4K camera that captures the room in detail, making it the ideal device for teams spread across multiple locations or collaborating with external teams remotely. For traditionalists who feel more comfortable with flip charts and a marker, a move to the Surface Hub can be less daunting that anticipated due to the pen which is shipped with every device.

Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2S is part of a growing family of Microsoft Surface products for personal and business use. For those needing further guidance on which is the right Microsoft Surface for them, Microsoft have produced a handy website which through a series of questions will help guide you to the one which might suit you best. This is available at https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/surface/devices/help-me-choose