Remote working during the Coronavirus

With the official UK Government advice being that we should all now work from home unless your job necessitates you going into your workplace, it has left many considering if their workplace technology even makes it possible to work from home. Many workplace systems have not been configured for remote working, and until now consisted of office-based PCs and small portable devices, the latter often being unsuitable to perform tasks beyond reading and sending short emails.

In most cases it is a relatively straightforward task to extend existing IT infrastructure to allow for remote working, thus making it easily possible for most office based tasks to be undertaken from home. This is obviously subject to the user having a good enough internet connection at their home, and a suitable device on which to work being available.

It is always advisable to have a professional IT consultant provision your remote working solution, to ensure it’s both tried and tested, and most importantly configured in a secure way since your entire IT network security is dependent on every device which has access to it.

Remember, if working from home, that children and pets just love to chew and pull cables, so having a dedicated work area will help ensure your screen remains clear of jam and that you don’t find your keyboard in the dog bed!

Finally, stay in, stay safe and if we can be of any help in getting you connected for remote working or other technical support issues, please don’t hesitate to call as we are working as normal but remotely too.