Why smart companies are ring-fencing IT budgets in 2020

As the country looks ahead to the predicted recession, one potentially on an unparalleled scale in the lifetimes of most of us, company bosses across the UK are now busy examining their businesses and trying to identify ways to cut costs. In previous recessions, IT often took the brunt of cost saving measures, with systems left to run well past their intended lifespans. In the upcoming downturn in 2020 however, businesses are advised to look elsewhere for savings.

IT systems security has come into sharp focus over recent weeks due to a surge in hacking, with China now reportedly being responsible for a half of the FBI’s current cases in this area, and recently stating that it was now “more likely than not” that American adults have had their data stolen by China. Many in the UK IT security sector are also now bracing themselves for a busy Autumn, as the political relationship with China becomes ever more strained.

It will mean for many companies, that ring-fencing their IT budgets is simply the only way forward, as it’s already been reported by many news outlets in the UK this month, that during the Covid-19 pandemic, hacking activity has increased with the pandemic being seen as an opportunity by hackers. So, keeping IT systems well supported and IT security up-to-date has never been more important than at this time, but it may also be seen as an opportunity, with forward thinking companies planning to use new IT infrastructure to drive greater efficiencies through their businesses in the difficult months ahead.

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