Time is running out for Windows 7

With Windows 10 now firmly established as the current operating system within most UK organisations, it might be a surprise to some to learn that there remains a good many companies still running Windows 7 on some older PCs within their organisations.

This is often because traditionally, many organisations chose to skip versions, replacing the operating system when the hardware itself was earmarked for upgrade. Windows 10 however will not be superseded, with companies getting continuous upgrades via download from Microsoft for the Windows 10 operating system, and so waiting for a Windows 11 is simply not an option.

So one positive thought in the forced replacement of any remaining hardware running Windows 7 with a Windows 10 machine, is that this will likely be the last time hardware and software upgrades will be linked, in future it is much more likely a PC or laptop is replaced due to a fault, rather than the requirement to upgrade to a newer operating system.

Microsoft has announced that Windows 7 support is to end in January 2020, and so organisations still running Windows 7 on any of their PCs or Laptops, need to act soon to avoid the risk of remaining on an unsupported operating system which in turn can present security issues going forward.