Online is going at Microsoft

Microsoft marketing teams last week announced the end of their use of the word Online with respect to their Microsoft Office suite of applications. The announcement was made on an internal company blog post entitled – Why Office Online is Now Simply Office in which the author outlined the reasons for the change. Described to […]

The ISDN and PSTN shutdown by BT

Businesses owners would be forgiven for missing a previous technical announcement from BT relating to the shutdown of their ISDN and PSTN services in the next few years. It’s certainly however, something they should be making themselves aware of, especially if they are undertaking a telecoms procurement exercise for their business in the near future, […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 5/2018 Release

Tech industry journalists are once again buzzing with talk in anticipation of the possible launch of a new offering in Microsoft’s flagship Surface Pro range. A quick Google search today reveals some UK retailers also anticipating the launch, with the likes of Curry’s already running Adwords for Microsoft Surface Pro 5. Last year Microsoft passed […]

Microsoft Office 365 Training Roadmaps

In February this year, Microsoft released their Office Training Roadmaps which help organisations when it comes to tracking their staff in terms of training, and they are available to cover the six main applications within the Microsoft Office suite. The interactive training plans are currently openly available without charge, and they are downloadable as PDF […]

New Office 365 Toolbar for macOS

Microsoft have this week launched the new My Workspace Office 365 toolbar on macOS, allowing Apple users fast access to Office 365 apps, files and other information from the macOS menu bar. Named My Workspace, the toolbar was created as an experimental project by a Microsoft Garage team based in Vancouver, and is believed to […]

Windows 10 Cloud Launch

Rumours have existed for some time that Microsoft have been working on a competitor to Google’s cloud-based ChromeOS, dubbed by many of those speculating as Windows 10 Cloud. References to a simplified version of Windows 10 have started to appear in recent test builds, with the stripped back cloud based version expected to only run […]