The ISDN and PSTN shutdown by BT

Businesses owners would be forgiven for missing a previous technical announcement from BT relating to the shutdown of their ISDN and PSTN services in the next few years.

It’s certainly however, something they should be making themselves aware of, especially if they are undertaking a telecoms procurement exercise for their business in the near future, and wish to avoid near future disruptions or costs.

According to announcements by BT, their aim is to switch off ISDN completely, and at least PSTN voice service in 2025, but long before then will cease the sale of new ISDN services in just over a year’s time in 2020.

The now antiquated copper wire technology of PSTN, and the 1980’s ISDN technology is to finally be replaced by the now incredibly well tested and highly adopted VoIP services.

This is in no way bad news, since for the customer there are many advantages of VoIP over PSTN and ISDN including quicker provision of new lines, and lower costs due to fewer lines being required, resulting in lower line rental charges for businesses.

So, if your current telecoms contract is due for renewal in the coming year or two, you should certainly start exploring the benefits of VoIP and considering the switch.

Whilst ISDN remains today a very good option for disaster recovery, there are few other situations where it still presents itself as the best option for business telecoms in terms of features or cost.